Thread: OKCupid study reveals girls state 80% of males are “below typical” lookin

OKCupid research demonstrates people state 80per cent of males are “below ordinary” appearing

Found this on Reddit. Found it strange. Thought I’d share.

Better, if it is the situation, then I don’t want to hear lady bitching concerning force to appear good-by boys, because plainly these are generally as vapid and shallow as all of us.

It is quite retarded, which merely confides in us that women keeps TOO HIGH expectations of males.

The amount of guys worldwide are above average hunting? 50percent of those just how many are unhealthy? 50percent ones. It is quick.

I really hope no less than some female will find this on and possibly tell on their own “Ohh, perhaps my objectives are way too highest”

Or perhaps learn how “average” really works :3

The thing that boggled my notice concerning the study was that 80per cent of males being “below average” are a numerical impossibility.

There’s something taking place, but all I can bring from post try “fgsfdsa?”

80percent are substandard? Jesus the most notable 20per cent must truly deliver the common up lol. Anyhow a guy anticipates good looking lady to check like a brilliant model, same for woman. Thats the way it works tbh:P

Women are equally low as guys. I imagined this was common knowledge now.

There’s an email in here somewhere about how precisely ladies have been moaning precisely how publications depict an idealistic look at the way they need to look, but I don’t know the goals.

On a far more significant notice, can we all not merely confess your great majority folks care and attention at the least somewhat about how precisely people take a look?

I am not stating it’s the essential. I am not claiming people base decisions/opinions of other people just on appearance, but Really don’t imagine I am out-of-line while I say that many of us enjoy it when someone is actually “beautiful” (whatever that’ll indicate to you).

*80% of the males on OKCupid were unhealthy looking (through the OKCupid statistics) *50per cent of most men are substandard searching (the meaning of average) => There exists a population without a profile on OKCupid which are above normal looking. Continua a leggere