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hi all christan believers in yeshua please when you decide to date either Jewish guy/girl be sure to remeber your christain origins came from the diciples have been all jews and sure Yeshua (jESUS CAN BE A JEW he/she TAKE A LOOK AT TORAH in a synagogue and he observedall the biblical feasts of Passover hannukah as his CUSTOM was actually.a jewish believer is actually a jew spiritually hence can’t be seperated. wedo not need to bea?converted into a gentile society let-alone a church that doesn’t observe the biblical feasts,letalone the therefore callled EASTER which will be entirely pagan with its origins.Easter is actually aworshipof a sryian god obtained from title is real Russian singles dating site review actuallyIsthar.Jesus a great label butvery gentile unjewish namefor aG-d and oerson in a single that christians stillcontinue to worship Jewish term of Jesus try Yeshua and the title if Jesus was a ..GREEK type of his genuine term. Continua a leggere