Followers of Interracial Relationship discussion. Not too long ago look over a manuscript labeled as “Butterfly Swords” by Jeannie Lin that was good.

The writing style and tempo is actually strong, in addition to subject is an activity We have never ever encounter before in English-language– ancient Asia, wuxia/kungfu, with a romance between a Chinese girl and a white warrior. This subject was a guilty delight of my own, and while the delivery is not always to my personal desires (b/c I am weird, whhyyy), In my opinion it can definitely work with regular love people like your self.

Thank you for the recommendation! It does sound interesting.

Ooh, this can be on my shelf and that I are unable to wait to make the journey to they. Darn books hold annoying myself lol.

Thank you for the rec, Pygmy!

Thanks A Lot, Pygmy. I am stoked to read through this!

I recently review by Meljean Brook past. This book are interesting, due to the fact heroine are half-Asian (The Horde is what It’s my opinion becoming the Mongols, Asian). Continua a leggere